Thank you for taking an interest in a commission from me. Below are the guidelines for requesting a commission. Please read these carefully to avoid miscommunication and possible disappointment. Please note that commissions account for single images only. Comic/manga pages are treated differently and will only be accepted when time permits.

Below are several paragraphs where I can read about specifics on commissioning me. I have separated them for the ease of reading and simplicity for rereference.


and what happens next

The first step in making a commission request, please send me an email (tonibabelony [at] gmail [dot] com) with the following contents:

  • The request should be as detailed as needed. It can range from just "draw me this character in this situation with this outfit." To a more detailed description with a specific pose, angle and such. It's all depending on the artistic freedom you want me give me;
  • It would be highly appreciated if high resolution references are added with the initial email. This will simplify the process for me and streamline the workflow;
  • References should preferably be sent as attachments or in-text. Deep links are doable, but there is a risk factor that these may be temporary and inaccessible due to factors beyond my control;
  • Please do not speculate the costs beforehand, as I usually have standard pricing, unless it's an exceptional case.

The second step will be me accepting or declining the commission.

  • In case of accepting the commission, I will send a reply and PayPal invoice separately. Once the payment has been received, I will start working on the initial sketch;
  • In case of declining the commission, I will send an explanation as to why in the accompanying reply.

The third step and probably the longest, but probably also the most fun one, will come after payment of the invoice. This is where I start working on the initial sketch (first stage). This process might take a little while depending on my life circumstances, but I will do my best to work on it whenever I can.

When the initial sketch is done, I will send it to you for review. If there are any changes needed within reason, please let me know. In this stage, details for the outfit and such are usually very unclear, as this is mostly about the pose and composition of the commission. When approved by you, I'll move forward to the inking if the commission (second stage).

When inking is done, a similar process like the review of the sketch will be undertaken. Changes within reason can be applied if needed before moving on to the final stage, the colouring.

When the colouring is done, I usually consider the commission done. With this, a full resolution image will be sent to you in an uncompressed .PNG format. A 40% reduced resolution image will be released to the public on Pixiv in due time. This can be either done with a personal mention (link to your credentials, social media profile, etc.) or anonymously.

You are free to publish the commission anywhere you please in any resolution you like, except for monetary gains. For commercial usage of a commission, please inquire.


dos and don'ts

Themes can be a difficult or very easy topic. If you're familiar with my work, it's probably easy to think of what my preferences are. If not, please take your time to browse through my Pixiv or abandoned deviantArt galleries. Basically it boils down to this:

  • Rubber/latex fetish (from simple garment to heavy rubber);
  • Total enclosure (e.g. protective suits);
  • Breathplay/breathing gear;
  • BDSM and bondage;
  • R18 rated material;
  • Femdom and strong female characters;
  • Original characters (OCs);
  • Mechanical stuffs;
  • Although there's not much to be seen, I also welcome action scenes.

However, I still advice to check out my galleries to get to the nitty and gritty if you want to be absolutely sure.

Usually what you don't see in my work, I don't draw. However, these -non exhaustive, themes will be declined immediately without discussion:

  • R18G rated material (e.g. gore, death, and extreme violence);
  • Underage (regulated according to the Japanese Children's Welfare Act, chapter 34);
  • Futanari;
  • Rape/nonconsensual intercourse;
  • Unhygienic, health detrimental, or bad-end situations;
  • Political, racial or social symbolism.

Of course there are exceptions, but these can only be known when asking. If there is uncertainty, don't be afraid to contact me regardless!


I try to handle an as simple to use system as possible. Basically it's a base price for one character with additional increases depending on complexity and effort put into the commission. Prices will be handled in USD.

  • Base character @ $85;
  • Additional character @ $65;
  • Background @ $40 and up;

These are prices for full body shots. Other shots (waist-up, bust, head, etc.) are also possible and will be reduced in price due to the reduced effort. Prices may vary due to the complexity of the detailing.

Patreon and pixivFANBOX supporters will receive a 10% discount. PLEASE STATE SO IN YOUR EMAIL (your name an registration on either platform).

All payments need to be completed in advance and only as a reply to the PayPal invoice.

Exempt from these pricings are commissions of a commercial nature. Please write me to inquire.

(last update 09-06-2023)


how the slots work

I will have limited slots available for commissions. Slots are either open, occupied (indicated by a name or anonymously), or closed (usually no reason given).

Slots are occupied on a first-write-first-pay-first-serve basis. Slots aren't available for reservation without prior payment.


Available slots are stated below via my special Twitter feed at

Slots are filled when payment is confirmed:

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